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Product Liability Attorneys

Few work environments are as dangerous as those in the gas and oil industry. While the risks that are involved in this line of work may be significantly mitigated with regular and comprehensive maintenance of work sites, many employers and other business entities that are responsible for performing such maintenance are negligent in their duties.

If you have been injured as a result of defective or malfunctioning machinery at the oil or gas site where you work, you should consider taking legal action against the party that failed to adequately perform their duties to keep you safe. The financial burdens that stem from your injuries may be more significant than you have anticipated, and there is no reason that you should have to bear that burden alone.

Product Liability Claims

Our legal team possesses more than 30 years of combined experience from which they can draw when developing your oil or gas product liability claim to help you recover compensation for all of your pain and suffering. We are experienced in representing clients in the following types of cases:

  • Toxic Exposure
  • Pipeline Explosions
  • Oil Derrick Defect
  • Equipment Failure

There is no excuse for a negligent party whose inadequacy permitted the conditions that led to your injury to exist. Our legal team can help you hold the responsible party accountable for any behavior that contributed to your accident.

Consult with a Product Liability Claims Attorney

If you were injured while working at an oil or gas field, you should consult with an attorney at Hightower | Capellan about what legal claim to compensation you may now pursue to offset the financial burdens of your injuries. To discuss the particular circumstances of your accident with one of our attorneys, please call our offices at (832) 433-7279 to schedule a consultation.