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Hightower | Capellan is a legal partnership featuring the contributions our team of talented and experienced Houston attorneys and skilled legal professionals. Together, this recognized team comprises the leading-edge legal resources for any individual or business seeking help with civil or criminal matters. With more than 30 years combined trial experience in both state and federal courts, this decorated legal lineup includes many legal accolades.

The attorneys of Hightower | Capellan have earned solid reputations within the Houston and Texas legal communities for attaining superior results in virtually all circumstances. Following a philosophy that combines results-oriented legal action with genuine compassion for our clients, our team has powerfully managed all varieties of litigation lawsuits including multi-national clients requiring sophisticated legal needs.

Hightower | Capellan, our attorneys are committed to providing a high level of personal attention and compassionate service. We will personally work with you to secure justice for your case and always strive to meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys of Hightower | Capellan are personally prepared to respond to your needs with effective legal counsel and cost-effective service.